Top Stroke Rehabilitation Centers in New Jersey

A great deal of research literature exists on the epidemiology, risk factors, and development of prevention programs for falls in the general population of older adults. Less information is available for individuals with stroke. Falls and their prevention in individuals with stroke require special considerations. Risk factors, interventions, and prevention programs developed for the community-living older population will not necessarily translate to the population of individuals with stroke.

Up to 70% of individuals with a stroke fall during the first 6 months after discharge from the hospital or rehabilitation facility. Individuals with stroke are also at risk for repeat falls and to experience an injury associated with a fall.

Based upon the aforementioned nuance alone, is enough of a reason why post-acute rehabilitation after a stroke is of such vital importance.

About Stroke Rehabilitation

Stroke Rehabilitation typically encompasses the three main therapy disciplines, which are physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Physical therapy is designed to help a patient with balance, standing, walking, transitional movements and regaining strength. Occupational therapy helps a stroke victim regain their ability to perform vital activities of daily living (ADLs) such as feeding, grooming, bathing, toileting, and dressing. Occupational therapists focus on improving overall arm function and fine motor skills. Speech therapy focuses on improving speech, swallowing and cognitive deficits.

At Hamilton Grove, we have been blessed to be able to provide healing solutions and comprehensive therapy for many post-acute stroke patients and we have a great track record of success in bridging the gap between the hospital and a seamless re-entry into the community.

How Does A Stroke Affect The Body?

It is important to be able to understand what a stroke is an how it affects the body.

This simple and animated video provides excellent clarity on this important topic.


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