The Joyful Nursing Home

Depression affects nearly one out of every five American seniors, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. At greater risk are seniors with at least one chronic condition, those becoming increasingly dependent on others for their care, and people who are disabled.

Because of this extra risk, we at Hamilton Grove Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, in Hamilton, NJ,  do our very best to create a joyful environment. What creates the difference?

A study published in The Gerontologist looked at the correlation between different nursing home environments and depression. The two features of a facility that affected mood the most? Giving residents ample opportunity for socialization, and giving them as much independence as possible.

The decor of the facilities had little effect on the mood of the residents, with one exception: residents who had access to the outdoors were found to be at lower risk of depression.

Hamilton Grove is conveniently located in scenic Lakewood, NJ. Our beautiful nursing home and rehab center is situated on beautifully landscaped grounds, and provides the comfortable and pleasant living experience that is essential to ensuring optimal clinical outcomes. We have strived to create an environment and program that truly enhances quality of life, thus promoting recuperation, health, and well-being.

At Hamilton Grove, our goal is to offer activities that stimulate both mind and body. our care programs are designed specifically to meet the unique needs and interests of seniors and long-term care patients. We emphasize restorative care, maximizing each patient’s potential to regain and maintain function and mobility.

We foster an environment that is cheerful and enthusiastic, so residents truly relish and appreciate life.

Our outstanding Social Services team works hard to ensure that every resident thrives socially, emotionally, and spiritually.

We promote a culture of independence, crucial for emotional, social, and physical health. Residents are encouraged to choose their activity and meal preferences, and to perform tasks and activities as self-sufficiently as possible.

We carefully select, train and re-train our wonderful caregivers, who are especially sensitive to the needs of our long-term care patients. They treat residents with love, compassion, and dignity.

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