Exercise is Critical for Seniors

  Aging presents many challenges to individuals striving to maintain physical fitness due to the natural decline in maximal heart rate, lung function, aerobic capacity, etc.  Joint injuries, arthritis, and fracture risks may prevent older adults from performing regular physical activity. But according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the loss of…

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Cardiac Arrest and Heart Attacks: Are They The Same Thing?

Cardiac arrest happens suddenly, your heart stops beating and blood flow to your brain and other organs stops. Is Cardiac Arrest the same as a Heart Attack? No, they are different.  In cardiac arrest you suddenly collapse, lose consciousness, have no pulse, and aren’t breathing. Moreover, symptoms include dizziness, shortness of breath, and nausea. A…

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5 Sleep Mistakes You Are Making Before Bedtime


Sleep is extremely important to maintain your mental and physical health. Specifically, research has documented that Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and Stage 4 (deep) are very important. They are key to elevated mood, sharp memory, and positive cognitive function.   Sleep mistake 1: You stay up late on week ends and consequently get up in…

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