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American Hospitals Now Required To Post Prices Online

American Hospitals must post their standard prices online and make it easier for patients to access their electronic medical records, Medicare announced earlier this week.   Currently, hospitals already make their prices public, but the new rule requires them to be posted in a format that is easily processed by computers. One problem, however, is that…

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Apple Computer Launches Apple Health Records, Participating Hospitals

Apple computer is launching its electronics health records app with 39 participating hospitals. The new app will combine existing patient data into the Apple Health app if the user is a patient at a participating hospital.     Apple Computer: Participating Hospitals Thirty nine hospitals are participating in this app launch. Anyone with an iPhone and…

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Prescription Drugs Pricing Now Competitive After Patient Doctor Alliance

Prescription drugs pricing may become more competitive following an alliance between doctors, patients, pharmacies, and electronic health record companies. More than half of U.S. physicians and nearly two-thirds of patients will now be able to view information about benefits and drug costs to make decisions together during office visits.       Prescription Drugs: New…

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