How to Successfully Transition from Hospital to Home

transitioning from hospital to homeDad survived the surgery, and now he’s ready to be discharged from the hospital. That’s great. The worst is over. Right? Unfortunately, that’s often wrong.

According to a new study in the Annals of Family Medicine, what happens after Dad leaves the hospital is often “hazardous and frustrating for many patients and caregivers.”

The study found that hospital staff often does not check whether an older patient’s home situation provides the support they will need.

As one patient who participated in the study put it, “it’s like being thrown out in the middle of the lake and expected to swim to shore and frantically searching for somebody on the other side of the lake to help you.”

What happens when care transition is inadequate? The study finds “substantial” consequences, including “mistrust, anxiety, confusion, family conflict,” as well as poor outcome — at greater cost! — for the patient.

What does work? What did the study participants — both patients and caregivers — want? In order to provide both patient and caregiver the support they need, the study participants wanted the same doctors to be involved in all care from the hospital to to home.

SMART Rehab, available at Hamilton Grove Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, in Hamilton, NJ, addresses this crucial need.

In addition to being experts in wound care, Hamilton Grove’s SMART Rehab creates a partnership with each patient’s personal physician to create an individualized care plan. We maintain regular communication with that physician, keeping them up-to-date on progress in all areas. Our team is goal-oriented, and uses dynamic therapy regimens — including seven-day-a-week rehab on state-of-the-art equipment — to promote rapid healing. We also teach the patient (and their caregivers) how to continue providing care.

The result? The best possible clinical outcomes.

Dad made it through the surgery. Make sure his follow-up care restores him to his best possible health. Call us at 609-588-5800, or by clicking here.

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