Stroke Tissue Repaired With Novel Bioengineered Gel

Stroke tissue can now be rejuvenated with a new bioengineered gel that makes it regrow. Unlike most other tissues in the body, the brain cannot regenerate. Once brain tissue dies, it is absorbed, leaving a cavity that is not refilled. Stroke is the leading cause of long-term disability in the United States.

stroke occurs when blood supply to a certain part of the brain is significantly reduced, resulting in brain cell death.

Following a stroke, many people will be left with cognitive impairments, motor impairments, or both because of the brain tissue that is destroyed in the process.


stroke tissue



Stroke Tissue: New Approach To Stroke Damage

Recently, researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles created an innovative gel that thickens once it enters the brain. It then acts as a scaffolding for fresh neuronal and vascular growth.

The gel contains compounds that stimulate the growth of blood vessels. It also contains anti-inflammatory compounds. This is important because inflammation causes scarring, which hinders new growth.

Using a mouse model of stroke, they squirted the gel into the cavities left by stroke damage. At the 16-week mark, they assessed the cavities for activity and new growth.

They discovered that the gel was slowly absorbed into the body, and regions that had previously been empty spaces were now filled with new tissue. The findings were recently published in the journal Nature Materials.


Stroke Tissue: Motor Recovery

When assessing the mice’s recovery, the scientists found that motor behavior improved in the mice that had been treated with the gel. However, it is not exactly clear how this improvement was achieved.

The findings are exciting, although preliminary. Of course, more work will need to be done on a much larger scale. Indeed, this bioengineered gel could be a gamechanger in rehabilitating stroke patients.

The current study measured the gel effectiveness 5 days after a stroke incident. Gel testing continues in new situations. For instance, in forthcoming studies, gel testing on stroke damaged tissue will be done over longer intervals.


stroke tissue

Photomicrograph of stroke-damaged tissue with gel. Image credit: UCLA Health

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