Short-Term Rehab Improves Outcomes for Hospitalized Seniors  

A hospital stay is almost always traumatic for an older person. But going home is not necessarily much easier. There may be new medications to manage, new dietary restrictions to implement, new wounds to treat, follow-up appointments to make, and even in-house repairs to make, such as installing grab bars or ramps.

So difficult is the transition from hospital to home, in fact, that one in every five Medicare patients discharged from the hospital is readmitted within 30 days.

Adjusting to discharge can be made easier — both for the patient and for their caregiver — by including a stay in a short-term rehabilitation program. A short-term rehab program, like that at Hamilton Grove Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, in Hamilton, NJ, can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on the patient’s condition.

The benefits of short-term rehab could not be more clear: easy availability of state-of-the-art physical, occupational, and speech therapy, in a setting designed to keep older people safe and happy. Hamilton Grove offers therapy seven days a week, which maximizes the benefit of a rehab stay.

Therapists are only part of the team. Doctors, nurses, nutritionists, and dietitians prepare individualized programs for each resident, with the goal of ensuring the proper healing of any wounds, establishing any new medication protocols, easing the way into the “new normal.” Social workers are also involved, making sure that upon discharge from rehab, the patient and their family is fully prepared, physically and emotionally, to care for their loved one.

An essential aspect of rehab at Hamilton Grove is the maintenance of constant communication with the patient’s personal physicians. Older people often have a complex set of medical conditions, and we find that keeping open and clear communication between the patient, their family, and their doctors is the best way to ensure the best outcomes.

Worried about how to pay for short-term rehab? Medicare and private insurance may cover the costs. It is important to speak to the hospitals discharge planner, who can get you all the necessary paperwork and authorizations.

Recovering from a health crisis is difficult, especially for an older person. There is no reason to make it more difficult than it needs to be. Hamilton Grove short-term rehab is here to help.

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