Seniors Can Stick To Their New Exercise Plan With These Tips

Seniors who set a 2018 resolution to stick with their new exercise plan can be successful if they follow these tips.

You will be motivated, successful, and most importantly, healthy.





Seniors: Enjoy Your Exercise

The best type of physical activity is the one you’ll keep doing. The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommends senior adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic physical activity each week.

Choose an exercise you enjoy and stick with it.


Seniors: Social support

It is often easier to stick to a habit or behavior when your social and family network is supportive. In skilled nursing facilities as well assisted living communities, exercising  within a group provides mutual encouragement. People are a lot more likely to stick with exercise if their friends are there too.


Seniors: Accountability

Along with support, accountability can also be a motivating factor for many.  Research has shown that people who exercise in groups are more likely to see results. People can establish accountability by working out with a friend or two, or a coach.


Seniors: Make Exercise A Part of Daily Routine

Make exercise a part of your everyday schedule. Setting a daily exercise routine will develop into a steady habit. Your health improves as does your mood and level of self satisfaction. Workouts can also be broken up into smaller blocks to better fit into the day. For example, someone could spend one hour in the gym, or they could spend 30 minutes in the gym and take two 15-minute brisk walks throughout the day.



While taking up a physical activity regimen can be challenging for seniors, those that stick with it will see great benefits in a short period of time.  Your health is worth the effort.

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