Pulled Muscle or Hernia: 4 Ways to Tell the Difference


Pulled Muscle or Hernia 4 Ways to Tell the Difference

You’re lifting a box to put away, and suddenly feel a sharp pain in your abdomen. Did you simply overdo, or do you have a hernia? Muscle pain can be expected when lifting a heavy weight; however, the pain may be caused by a hernia: a tear in the lining of the abdomen which has allowed part of the bowel to push through.

How can you tell? Here are 4 signs:

  1. You notice a bulge in your abdomen or groin. A strained muscle does not cause a bulge; a hernia does. If there is no visible bulge, lie down and palpate the painful area. If you have a hernia, you will probably be able to feel the bulge under your skin.
  2. If the abdominal pain is followed by problems eating or digesting food, you probably have a hernia. If you also run a fever, or start to vomit, seek emergency medical attention.
  3. If the size of the bulge increases over time, it is likely a hernia.
  4. If you feel pain while coughing, bending over, or lifting, you probably have a hernia.

Although painful, hernias are common, and abdominal hernia repairs are among the most common operations worldwide.

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