How to Choose a Nursing Home

Mom can no longer live alone. But what sort of place would be the best choice for her? Assisted-living? A nursing home?

It depends on her needs.

The best way to approach this decision is for family members to conduct an objective assessment of Mom’s needs. Is she unable to properly groom or toilet herself? Does she have dementia or other medical issues that require ongoing care?

If so, she needs the care provided by a nursing home.

But this just begets the next question. How can you find the best place for Mom?

When choosing a nursing home, consider these quetions:

  1. Is it close to family? It’s best to find one close to where her children (or the person who has the most responsibility for her care) are, in order to make visiting easier. Search online for a list of nursing homes within a few miles of that person’s home.
  2. Does it offer the care she needs? For example, if Mom has Alzheimer’s, does the facility have a Memory Care unit? Specialized care for Mom’s conditions makes all the difference.
  3. What do others say about the facility? Today, just the click of a mouse can allow you to check the reviews of any potential facility. Review sites offer information, reviews, and even photos of nursing homes.
  4. What’s missing from the online information? Call the most promising prospects to get information you may not have found in the reviews. Is nursing staff available twenty-four hours a day? How often are registered nurses and doctors available?
    Also ask if they’re taking new patients. What are their accommodations: can Mom get a private room, or will she need to have a roommate? Personal preferences — and finances — will help determine this choice.
  5. Does it look as good in person? Schedule a tour. When you go, observe how the staff treats the residents. Are they friendly? Are the residents happy, clean, and well-groomed? Is the environment pleasant? What activities are available for residents?

Ask these questions, and you’ll be doing your best for Mom.

At Hamilton Grove Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, in Hamilton, NJ, our care programs are designed specifically to meet the unique needs and interests of seniors and long-term care patients. We emphasize restorative care, maximizing each patient’s potential to regain and maintain function and mobility.

Moreover, we specialize in handling all levels of cognitive impairment, from mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

We have created a unique environment and care program specifically designed to address the needs of this population. Our Alzheimer’s Unit is situated in a separate, secure wing to ensure the safety and well-being of our residents. It offers a structured daily routine, mind-stimulating activities, excellent social interaction, with optimal patient independence in a calm and soothing atmosphere.

Read our reviews on,, and to hear what our residents and their families have to say.

Or better yet, come see for yourself: Contact us to schedule a tour by calling 609-588-5800 or by clicking here.

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