How Much Exercise You Need to Protect against Alzheimer’s?

It’s well-known that keeping your mind active is good for your brain, but a recent study shows that keeping your body active is important for brain health, as well.

The study, published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, shows that seniors who engage in moderate exercise for just over an hour a day, show significant improvement in the way certain regions of their brains metabolize glucose. And those regions are the ones that count when it comes Alzheimer’s: decreased metabolism of glucose in those regions has been associated with higher incidence of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Fine, you say, but what does “moderate” mean? Not as much as you might think: just the equivalent of a brisk walk.

Interestingly, more isn’t merrier: vigorous exercise, like aerobics, has not been shown to offer this benefit. Vigorous exercise affects glucose metabolism in just one area of the brain, and light exercise, like taking a stroll, has not been shown to have any effect at all.

The study participants, whose ages ranged from 58-70, were all cognitively healthy but had at least one risk factor for Alzheimer’s: either a family history of the disease, at least one genetic mutation associated with the disease, or both, so this finding offers incentive, especially for those at risk of AD.

Now that spring has finally sprung, be sure to take some time out for a nice brisk walk or some other form of moderate exercise. Your brain will thank you!

One way to make it easier to get moderate exercise is to live somewhere that encourages it.

For example, Hamilton Grove Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, conveniently located in the Trenton area, is situated on beautifully landscaped grounds, which make taking a daily walk a pleasant experience.

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Does your loved one already suffer from mental decline? Being in a residence with a dedicated Alzheimer’s unit is especially important.

At Hamilton Grove Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, in Hamilton, NJ, we are experts in handling all levels of cognitive impairment, from mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

We have created a unique environment and care program specifically designed to address the needs of this population. Our Alzheimer’s Unit is situated in a separate, secure wing to ensure the safety and well-being of our residents. It offers a structured daily routine, mind-stimulating activities, excellent social interaction, with optimal patient independence in a calm and soothing atmosphere.

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