Hamilton Grove Teams Up With Mayor Eric Jackson of Trenton!

Was great to see a Facebook post last week from our Trenton Mayor, Eric E. Jackson,  acknowledging an amazing event we participated in last week at the Jennye W. Stubblefield Senior Center on Prospect Street.

We held a luncheon there for seniors and the Mayor honored us with his presence and subsequently had this to say:

“I always have a fun time visiting our seniors. To help kick off its open house, I popped into the Jennye W. Stubblefield Senior Center on Prospect Street for lunch. Making sure that our seniors have a safe place to congregate, share meals, participate in activities and access needed services, is a top priority for me as Mayor. Today’s healthy menu: Baked turkey, salad, fruit salad, bean soup, milk and bottled water. Our city knows how to take care of our seniors!”

Yes, Mr. Mayor, we too are proud of the city and proud of our tireless work and outreach in the community to help ensure that our seniors thrive in health and in comfort.

Special thanks to our very own Kobe Schachnow for his role coordinating this event!

Here is a photo of the Mayor together with the group at our table!


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