Cardiac Arrest

Why Women are Less Likely than Men to Survive a Heart Attack

Picture a person having a heart attack. Chances are the image that came immediately to mind was of a middle-aged man clutching his chest. Yet cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death in the United States, will kill six times as many women this year as it will men. Moreover, women, while less likely than…

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Am I Eligible for Cardiac Rehabilitation?

Am I Eligible for Cardiac Rehabilitation

In honor of American Heart Health Month, we are pleased to present the following information about one of the best tools in managing heart disease: cardiac rehabilitation. Cardiac rehabilitation is a multi-pronged program designed to help people who have heart disease. You may benefit from cardiac rehab if you have or have had a heart…

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American College of Cardiology: Cardiac Rehab Saves Lives

According to an upcoming report in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, cardiac rehabilitation saves lives, but too few people enroll in this critical intervention. The American Heart Association advises that nearly 2.5 million Americans should be receiving cardiac rehab each year. This includes nearly one million people who have undergone angioplasty (also…

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Top 5 Inhaler Mistakes for COPD

Inhalers are a daily fact of life for tens of millions of Americans, including 11 million with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Nevertheless, studies show that two-thirds of people do not use their inhaler correctly. COPD is a life-threatening lung disease in which airflow to the lungs is impaired. COPD, a progressive condition once known…

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What is Cardiac Rehab?

Cardiac rehab is a three-pronged approach to treating certain cardiovascular health conditions. It consists of exercise training geared toward cardiovascular health; education about therapeutic life changes, such as smoking cessation and heart-healthy nutrition; and stress management. Cardiac rehab can be provided in both outpatient and inpatient facilities. According to the American Heart Association and the…

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Heart Disease: The Number One Killer of Women

Thanks to the efforts of marketing campaigns, awareness of breast cancer risk is widespread. However, women are not always aware that the biggest risk to their health is not breast-cancer but heart disease. Each year, 40,000 women die of breast cancer in the US. But ten times as many women — 400,000— die annually of…

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