Cardiac Rehabilitation Following a Pacemaker

If you suffer from arrhythmias, such as bradycardia (a slower than normal heartbeat); heart block (a problem that disrupts electrical signals to the heart), or heart failure, your doctor may recommend insertion of a pacemaker. Pacemakers use electrical stimulation to prompt the heart to beat at a normal rate.

Pacemaker insertion is an inpatient procedure, and is usually done under local anesthesia. Typically, if you receive a pacemaker, you will be allowed to go home within a day or two; in some cases, you may even be allowed to leave the same day.

Being discharged from the hospital does not mean that you are ready to go back to your regular activities, however. Not only do you need time to recover from the procedure, your best chances for full recovery involve enrolling in a cardiac rehabilitation program. Medicare and most private healthcare insurance companies cover the cost of cardiac rehabilitation after pacemaker procedures.

Cardiac rehabilitation involves not only tending to the implant site and making sure it remains infection-free, but also gives you instruction on how to take care of the device. A team of therapists will help you increase your activity safely and gradually. In addition to exercise training, cardiac rehabilitation programs include instruction on lifestyle changes, including diet and nutrition; and emotional support, in individual or group settings. The best cardiac rehab programs offer a multidisciplinary approach, with an individualized treatment plan for each patient, and continuous contact with your personal doctor to make sure you meet the goals they have set for you.

A study published in The Monaldi Archives for Chest Disease found that people who participated in cardiac rehabilitation after having a pacemaker inserted had an increase in quality of life, mental health, general health, and an increase in exercise capacity of 14 to 25%.

At Hamilton Grove Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, in Hamilton, NJ, our cardiac rehab program creates each patient’s individualized care plan based on their personal physician’s protocol, assuring the best clinical outcomes. We partner with your physician, maintaining regular contact and forwarding progress reports. Our experienced and professional therapists are goal oriented and use aggressive therapy regimens that promote rapid healing.

Hamilton Grove’s SMART Rehab Therapy Gym is equipped with the latest and best in innovative therapeutic equipment.

Our therapists provide therapy seven days a week. After all, your recovery doesn’t take a break on weekends; why should your therapy program?

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