Assisted Daily Living Services Necessary For Growing Number Of Seniors

Assisted daily living services are necessary for a growing number of seniors age 65+, according to the CDC.


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Assisted Daily Living: Current Statistics For Senior Citizens

From January to September 2017, 6.6% of adults aged 65 or more years needed help with activities of daily living according to data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics.

This estimate is in line with the 2016 estimates of 6.4%. The NCHS said in “Early Release of Selected Estimates Based on Data From the National Health Interview Survey, January–September 2017.

The data comes from household interviews for the National Health Interview Survey.

Seniors aged 85+ were twice as likely to need assisted daily living help compared to seniors aged 65+.  Moreover, seniors 85+ were more than six times as likely to need help compared to seniors 65+. This finding was in line with the center’s recent surveys.

Assisted daily Living: Additional Statistics

The survey recorded these additional statistics:

  • Among males and females aged 65 or older, the need for help with personal care from other people increased with age.
  • For all adults aged 65 and older, and for the age groups 65 to 74 and 75 to 84, women were more likely than men to need help with ADLs.
  • 10.5% of non-Hispanic black adults, 10.3% of Hispanic adults and 5.7% of non-Hispanic white adults needed help with personal care.

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