American Hospitals Now Required To Post Prices Online

American Hospitals must post their standard prices online and make it easier for patients to access their electronic medical records, Medicare announced earlier this week.


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Currently, hospitals already make their prices public, but the new rule requires them to be posted in a format that is easily processed by computers.

One problem, however, is that hospitals’ standard prices aren’t what insurers and government programs pay. Therefore, it is unclear so it’s how useful consumers will find the online pricing information.


American Hospitals: Electronic Health Records

Many health care providers already give patients access to their electronic medical records. Medicare will determine payments based on how easy they provide patient access. This requirement begins in 2021.

Also Medicare announced that it is launching a review of how it will pay for CAR-T.  CAR-T is a new gene immunotherapy that fights cancer by boosting the immune system.  Experts estimate that it will cost more than $370,000 per patient.

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