5 Sleep Mistakes You Are Making Before Bedtime

Sleep is extremely important to maintain your mental and physical health. Specifically, research has documented that Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and Stage 4 (deep) are very important. They are key to elevated mood, sharp memory, and positive cognitive function.



Sleep mistake 1:

You stay up late on week ends and consequently get up in the late morning. Inconsistent bedtime and wake up times mess up your biological clock. Go to bed and wake up each day at the same time.


Mistake 2:

You set the wrong room temperature. Overnight your body temperature goes down and then rises as morning begins. Best room temperature is in the 65-72 degree range.


Mistake 3:

Do not watch Tv or use other electronics. Light emitted from these devises stimulates your brain, making it more difficult to fall asleep. Wind down and relax about an hour before going to sleep.


Mistake 4:

Eating before bed. A full stomach right before bed is bad for two reasons. The late meal will lead to your body digesting food while you’re trying to sleep. Moreover, a late meal increases your waistline by holding on to belly fat. Your last meal must be at least two hours before bed.  Most important, avoid chocolate, tea, and coffee as they contain caffeine.


Mistake 5:

Don’t drink liquor!

Wine, beer, or a cocktail before bed will make go to sleep quickly but it will short circuit your critical first REM cycle. Alcohol is a depressant and causes slow-wave sleep patterns.  This results in ruining your entire nights’ cycles.



Scientists highly recommend most adults get between seven and nine hours sleep each night. For senior citizens, 65 and over, it is seven to eight hours per night.

The consequences of less hours, leads to onset diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and depression.

Sleep Well.

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