5 Dehydration Risks in People with Alzheimer’s

Hello, summer! Along with a renewed opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, this lovely season brings additional reason for caution when caring for someone with  Alzheimer’s. Dehydration is a risk all year round, but during the summer, caregivers need to be especially watchful. The following five issues put Alzheimer’s patients at extra risk of dehydration.

  1. They forget. The forgetfulness associated with Alzheimer’s can also mean that a senior may forget to drink, even if they are thirsty.
  2. Their medications are dehydrating. Many prescription medications have diuretic effects. Add that to the heat of a summer day, and a person with Alzheimer’s can easily become dehydrated.
  3. They are afraid of water. Hydrophobia is a common symptom of Alzheimer’s. This can result in anxiety around any water-related activity, even including drinking.
  4. They have trouble with reasoning. In middle-stage Alzheimer’s, a senior might feel thirsty, but not know what to do about it.
  5. They have trouble swallowing. Dysphasia, a late-stage Alzheimer’s symptom, can cause someone to become reluctant to drink.

By ensuring proper hydration, caregivers for people with Alzheimer’s can ensure that summer remains a relaxing and fun-filled time.

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