Do These 3 Things to Recover from a Stroke

Stroke recoveryStrokes are the leading cause of serious disability in the US, and the third leading cause of death. Every forty seconds, on average, someone in the US has a stroke.

Despite these dire statistics, the following 3 factors improve how well a stroke victim will recover.

  1. Getting care right away. Strokes are subject to the “golden hour,” meaning that if care can be provided within the first hour after symptoms appear, the possibility of recovery is optimized. Even being seen within the first three hours increases the possibility of preserving function.
    Delaying care not only increases disability, it also increases mortality. Every fifteen-minute delay in treatment for stroke leads to a three-and-a-half year decrease in life expectancy.
    So if you suspect a stroke, call 911 immediately.
  2. Choosing the best rehab facility. Recovery from a stroke is complex, since different functions of the brain may be affected. Choosing the best rehab facility is crucial.
    A rehab facility like Hamilton Grove Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, in Hamilton, NJ, offers SMART rehab, the most advanced rehabilitative care available.
    Each patient’s care plan is individualized, according to their own doctor’s protocol, which assures the best clinical outcome.
    A team of experienced doctors, nurses, therapists, and dietitians coordinate an aggressive, goal-oriented regimen of therapy in order to foster rapid healing.
    Therapy is conducted using the most innovative, state-of-the-art therapeutic equipment available, and a beautiful environment that promotes recuperation and well-being.
  3. Keeping up the good work. When a stroke patient goes home, it is important to continue the regimen they have learned in rehab. Hamilton Grove focuses on ensuring that the changes made in rehab are implemented in a way that is sustainable beyond rehab.

If you are looking for the best rehab facility for a loved one who has suffered a stroke, contact Hamilton Grove at 609-588-5800, or by clicking here.

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